Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Trip to Athens – part 4

Saturday was the last full day in Athens, because on Sunday morning we had to be at the airport already at 4 am. Haha. We started the day by posting out the postcards and actually found a nice supermarket at the same time, which we decided to visit later in the evening.

We headed towards the areas close to Acropolis, as we had tickets that covered those places. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to go through them all, but I guess, there would have been more pillars and rocks of some kind. We did see the Hadrian's library and the Ancient Agora of Athens. I wouldn't say that they differed a lot from the historic things we saw a day earlier, tho.

Surprisingly, it was a time to look for a restaurant again, and it was as difficult as before. I was very pleased with the one that we found because the food was good and the place was nice, maybe a bit crowded.

This day we didn't do very much actually. After lunch/dinner we walked a bit, visited stores, bought bus tickets to the airport and drank some coffee at a café. Before going back to the hotel, we went to the supermarket, where mom bought something to bring home and cheap red wine for us to drink in the hotel. Haha. 

Earlier I said I would write something about the hotel, so that's what I'll do now. I was very pleased with their service. The staff was always smiling and very helpful. They agreed to call us a taxi, which would pick us up at 2:30 am on Sunday morning – What a lovely time. Over all, everything was what you could expect based on the price. The breakfast was small, but filling if you ate enough. The room was also clean, maybe a bit outdated, but there was a TV. I got to watch Greek TV shows for the first time, though we mainly tried to look for something that was in English. The bathroom, well it was super tiny, especially the shower. But the water temperature stayed the same all the time, which was awesome, because in my shower in Thessaloniki the water temperature keeps on changing from super-hot to cold. 

That actually concludes our last day in Athens. During the night we tried to sleep a bit, but when the alarm clock rings at 2 am, it's almost impossible to sleep. Haha. Out taxi drive to Syntagma Square went well, and also the bus drive to the airport. We were a bit too early at the airport, but we spent time eating something small and drinking coffee. It was kinda stupid our planes left from different parts of the terminal, so I had to wait for my flight alone for a bit longer time than I had expected – my flight was an hour later then my mom's. It was rather stupid to return to Thessaloniki, but at least I got to see some nice views from the plane.

Over all, the trip was very nice! :) 

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