Monday, 8 December 2014

Trip to Athens – part 3

On Friday we did the things we had planned on doing a day earlier. In the morning we headed to the post office to send out some postcards, however, it was so crowded that we decided not to wait in the line and to go to the metro station, which was actually open this time. The way from Omonia Square to the station closest to Acropolis didn't take long, but it was still nice not to walk the distance for once. Hah.

We entered to the Acropolis area from the South Slope. We walked around and saw the theater of Dionysos, as well as the theater of Herod Atticus, and a whole lot of rocks. Hah. We kept on walking upwards all the time, and finally reached the top. There we saw the Parthenon and the beautiful, yet cloudy, view of Athens. 

The weather wasn't very good during our trip. The sun shined only for a few hours on the last day, and other than that it was just gloomy. At least it didn't rain much, we had to use the umbrellas only once, I think. However, I believe the whole city would have been more beautiful if the sun was shining more.

After our Acropolis visit, my mom saw a small post office, so we were able to buy the stamps for the postcards. Then we walked some more and went to see the Temple of Olympian Zeus. What can I say about it, it was about some pillars, which hadn't fallen down. It wasn't something very special, at least not to me. I was able to see the pillars already behind the fences.

Once again, it was time to look for a restaurant. This time it was easier to find a nice one, as we weren't really in the tourist areas. We ended up eating pasta at a nice restaurant next to the Syntagma Square. After eating we were supposed to go see some other places included in the ticket to visit Acropolis, but unfortunately, they were closed already.

Instead of that we walked on some streets and visited a few stores, but still found nothing to buy. Surprisingly, it was difficult to find a nice café again, so we ended up going to the same one we visited on the first evening in Athens. The café is lovely even though it was Italian. Haha. They offered some Greek Christmas style biscuits for free, and they were delicious! We decided to taste two different type of cakes/pies along with coffee. For me it was difficult to decide which one was better, as one was sweet and the other one wasn't. :)

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