Tuesday, 26 January 2016

How To Enjoy The Snow?

The street on a freezing day in Hämeenlinna

Most of you are aware of my excitement towards winter and snow. Can't really blame you as I'm starting to sound like a broken record. haha. Anyway, I have never considered winter as my favourite season because I find something positive in all of the season. However, at the moment I'm trying to enjoy the snowy winter to the fullest, especially because the weather forecast has been promising some rain for this week. If that came to reality, my heart would be saddened. Of course, there needs to be a time for the snow to melt away, but it's not yet. I haven't been able to enjoy the beautiful sparkly snowy days enough yet. So, what have I been doing to enjoy the winter?

1. Photographing 

Taking pictures is always great, especially when the weather is nice and the company great. During that specific day it was so cold outside that my fingers froze, but that was only a minor setback which was forgotten easily.

Picture credits to Matti

Vanajavesi -lake

2. Cross-country Skiing 

Yay! I've been able to enjoy cross-country skiing a bit, but I wish I could ski much more within this winter. I hope we get more snow soon and perfect temperatures to enjoy this lovely sport.

Ready to go cross-country skiing

3. Walking

I'm normally not a big fan of walking, but when the scenery is nice, then it's totally worth it.

4. Standing in the snowfall 

What could be better than to admire the snowfall outside, when it's happening in a shooting way in all its beauty?

5. Ice-skating

I hadn't been ice-skating for approximately 2-3 years, so it was about a time to go again. I've never been such a fan of ice-skating, but it is still something nice to do occasionally.

6. Ice-fishing

This was something totally unexpected - Tiia ice fishing, really?!?!? I'd say it was an experience, more positive than I may have thought. I can understand how some people can do it almost daily, because it may have a calming effect on people. It can create a mental state, where you can think about everything or decide not to think at all. I recommend you to try it out!

Picture credits to Matti

7. Looking through the window

Sometimes I find myself looking out from the window for a time period that feels short, but may actually be from the longer end.

Vanajavesi -lake

How have you been enjoying this season??

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