Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Where Did December Go?

Snow makes me happy!

Happy New Year to all of my dear readers! I wish you can memorize 2015 with happy thoughts and believe in the new year being as amazing if not better. However, if your previous year wasn't what you had hoped for, remember that 2016 is a new year - a year full of new experiences, new friends and amazing moments to be remembered forever. 

Vanaja Church while singing Christmas carols

I celebrated the change of the year very calmly at home with my mom. It was a different New Year's Eve because it was the first time (that I can remember) that we stayed at home. Every other time we have celebrated at my granny's in Hamina, but this time we couldn't go due to my work shift. That didn't matter too much because we were able to start the cross-country skiing season by skiing 10 km. Afterwards, we watched some fireworks and took a sauna ''to wash the previous year away'' as my grandpa used to say. 

New Year's wasn't the only difference in my December, which meant the month passing by extremely fast. The beginning of the month was spent focusing on my studies, visiting family friend's places and starting with the Christmas season work. After the autumn semester ended (Yay.), I had some more time to focus on meeting friends, to pay more attention to socializing and prepare for Christmas. Unfortunately, I couldn't evaluate so much time for correspondence, however, now I'm happy to say that I have only three letters waiting for to be replied; from Ilona (Latvia), Almante (Lithuania) and Christine (Austria). I'm sorry for the terrible delays, but I'm also happy of being able to catch up a bit with the letters. 

Christmas was celebrated with the dearest people in my life. It followed a similar pattern as previous years, therefore, I'll show my Christmas through pictures. Thank you for all the pretty postcards - I'm fond of postcards and Christmas, so they are more than welcome. 

The grave yard of Ahvenisto - lighting up a candle for the passed away relatives.

 HAPPY 2016!! 

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