Friday, 13 July 2012

It's time for a mail update

I have been kinda busy today, otherwise I would have posted this earlier. So, you probably want to know about this week's post. haha!
So, I received three postcrossing cards. :)
This came from Estonia. :)

This card shows the amazing German castle. :>

This one is my favourite card of this week, and it came from Germany, too. :D 
This week's letters arrived from: 
- Hyun Jeong from South Korea 
- Kristina from Lithuania 
- Mari-Liis from Estonia 
- Sara from Finland 
- Yessica from Mauritius 

See how lovely present I got from Yessica. It's truly amazing! I love it, thank you! <3
and letters sent to: 
- Li Xin from China 
- Emma from Australia 
- Joseph from Malaysia 
- Emilia from Finland 
- Kamalani from Usa 
- Pair from Thailand
- Hayley from Canada 


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