Friday, 27 July 2012

Last two weeks were very busy

Hey and best wishes from Finland! :) We have a lovely sunny day here today. I woke up at 5:30 am to wash some carpets. I'm feeling a bit tired now, after I studied some Swedish.
- The mail update will be in the end of this post. :)
I'm very late this time, sorry. Last week I was in Stockholm, Sweden with my friend Anna. (Yes, we were supposed to go to Italy, but unfortunately it was too expensive to go there.)We shopped and just had fun in Stockholm. We were supposed to use Swedish there, as we both have our final exam in the next fall. We spoke mostly Finnish, and some English with some foreigners, who thought we were Swedes. ;) It was an interesting trip, although I have visited Stockholm for so many times. Here are some photos from my trip... Enjoy! ;p 
Old Town <3

waiting for the shops to open...

The stamps, which I used for the postcard there.

Finnish flag :)

I was also at my grandmother's summer cottage to do some firewood, for a day with my dad and grandmother. I had to take some breaks while working, so I ended up taking some photos. 
It took me ages to get a good photo of it. ;>

I'm proud of myself that I was able to go so close to get this kind of photo. x)

Now, it's time for a mail update. :)
During last week and this week I sent letters to: 
- Thilini, Sri Lanka
- Briana, USA
- Hristiyana, Bulgaria
- Hanh Tam, Vietnam 
- Hyun Jeong, South Korea
- Silvina, Argentina 
- Rimma, Russia 
- Ofri, Israel
- Mari-Liis, Estonia 

And, received from: 
- Almante, Lithuania 
- Naomi, Malaysia 
- Bai, China 
- Nastya, Ukraine 
- Teresa, New Zealand 
- Asena, Turkey 
- Emilia, Finland
- Joanne, Singapore 
- Ga Yeon, South Korea 
- Hyun-ju, South Korea

Emilia's envelope :)

A nice Finnish stamp. 

A postcard from Nastya. <3

A self made belated birthday card from my pen pal from New Zealand. 

See how lovely stamps they have in New Zealand! <3 :)

From South Korea. =)

An amazing postcard from a lovely Chinese girl. :)
During these two weeks I have also received some postcrossing cards, and here they are.. 

It's my first card from Luxembourg :)
This one arrived from Canada today. I really like lighthouses, so this card is amazing. :)
Here is the stamp of the Canadian postcard. I haven't seen such stamp before. 
A postcard from Japan.
See the Japanese stamp. :)

A breathtaking card from Taiwan. Thank you very much! :)
Here are the Taiwanese stamps. <3
This one came from Russia. :)

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