Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Stamps! :)

So, now it's time for some stamps. :) Last week I decided to cut the stamps of the envelopes, which I have received from my pen pals' with whom I haven't been writing since 2010. I think they are quite beautiful, so I decided to take some photos of them. All of the stamps aren't in the photos because I didn't want to put similar once there. I hope you'll like the stamps as much as I do. :))

This one is a Swiss Christmas stamp. :)
Another lovely stamp from Switzerland. :)

I think these are the greatest Polish stamps, that I have ever received. 

An interesting stamp from USA.

Ohh, I just love this stamp from Japan. <3

Finnish Easter stamp for  2005. 

Finnish Christmas stamp for 2005. 

Here are two of my most cute Moomin stamps. 

I think this one is quite beautiful. :)

Here's a Finnish flag stamp. 

From Latvia.
An interesting stamp from Moldova. 

Here are just some photos of all of those stamps.

I want to wish good luck to you, who collect stamps! I hop your collection would grow bigger with many beautiful and interesting stamps!! Have a nice Monday! :)

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