Friday, 6 July 2012

Mail update :)

This week I've been kinda busy, but with all the nice things. First of all I had my last driving lessons, and on Wednesday I got the drivers license. I'm so happy about it. :) Then I was at our summer cottage with dad and brother. Today I'm going there again, but this time with mom ad brother. This week I have also started to study for my finals of health education and Swedish.

This week I sent letters to:
- Yuen Ching from Hong Kong
- Mari-Liis from Estonia
- Lutfiye from Turkey
- Joanne from Singapore

and received from:
- Silvina from Argentina
- Ida from France
- Rimma from Russia
- Amit from Israel
- Nese from Turkey

I received this lovely birthday card and the cute envelope with awesome stamps from Argentina. :)

Such a cute birthday card from my Norwegian pen pal. 

From my new pen pal from Russia. :D

Birthday card from my Chinese pen pal. =)

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