Saturday, 20 October 2012

It's a time for a mail update

Although I'm on a vacation I seem to have so little time. I have been busy, so the time has just flown by. Tomorrow will be the last day of this vacation. I'm going to enjoy it as much as I can. :) I hope you are all enjoying this weekend, even though you may not have a holidays.

Letters were sent to:
- Demetria, USA
- Dora, Hungary
- Umama, Sri Lanka
- Ilona, Latvia
- Ah Hyun, South Korea
- Daphne, Hong Kong
- Emilia, Finland

and received from:
- Emilia, Finland
- Korina, USA
- Christine, Austria
- Silvina, Argentina
- Iines, Finland
- Mari-Liis, Estonia

a lovely picture that my Argentinean pen pal sent me. :))

Then I also received three postcrossing cards. And guess what? - One came from Kazakhstan, how cool is that! :) 
- Stamps first this time. :p



That's all for now. See you again next week! :)

- Tiia

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