Friday, 26 October 2012

Winter has arrived, at least for a day :)

Hello my buddies!

When I woke up this morning I saw the ground was white of snow. It's the first time that it has snowed since the last winter/spring.  I really like winter and snow, but there are people who absolutely hate it. hah. The snow is going to melt away during the weekend, which is ok. I just hope we would have white Christmas because the last Christmas it wasn't even cold out side. 'm fond of Christmas, and during the last weekend I already put two Christmas lights; one to my room and one out side of our house. I call the one out side ''fall light'' because mom doesn't let me to put Christmas lights before November. x) Well, it's soon going to be November, so I can finally put most of the lights. :) For me Christmas lights and other lights are very important to create the atmosphere. Christmas is my favourite celebration, and I love everything about it: The food, decorations, Christmas tree, songs, movies, candles, gifts, postcards and ALL. Well, that's all about it for now as I'm sure I'll be talking/writing much more about Christmas when it gets closer.

Here is one of the most normal Christmas songs. I listen to it every year, at least when I'm baking Christmas cookies. ;) It's called 'Jollei jouluna ole lunta.'

Now to the mail update. Sorry guys, but I have been a bit lazy in writing letters lately, so this week I sent out only three letters, which went to:
- Korina, USA
- Mari-Liis, Estonia
- Christine, Austria

I guess that's alright, because I didn't receive so many letters either. They arrived from:
- Mathilde, France
- Nastya, Ukraine
- Abdülkadir, Turkey
- Romy, France

a stamp from France

a stamp from Turkey :)

a lovely card from France

a great postcard from Turkey

See how amazingly the Ukraine is written! :>

from Ukraine again

I just love this tea bag!! I haven't tried the tea yet, but  the bag
 made me glad because it's so Christmas-y. :))

This magazine is from France.

That's all this time! I'm going to start baking cinnamon rolls now. Let's see how they'll turn out to be. ;) I know some of you have asked for to get the recipe in English, and I try to translate it as soon as I can. 
Have a lovely weekend, as always! 

- Tiia

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