Sunday, 7 October 2012

Postcards :P

This weekend has been nice so far. On Friday I cooked and tried to bake cream puffs, but they don't look like cream puffs. ;) Hah. Yesterday mom and I went to our summer cottage. There I wrote letters and she picked up some mushrooms and berries. We also took a sauna, and swam in the lake, although the water was so COLD. Well, it was good practice for ice-swimming. :p Fortunately I can now say that I have only one letter waiting for to be replied. :)

Quite many people have asked to see my postcards. One day I got interested in taking photos of them, but I didn't take photos of all the postcards. I don't have all the cards on the doors and walls, so you may not see your card here.

Hhahaha! Quite many cards, right? :)
See you next time!

- Tiia

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