Friday, 1 February 2013

5th week '13

So, it's a time for a mail update once again. :) This week I have had exams at school, and next week my final exams will start. This means that I'm going to get so slow at replying to letters. :( I have decided to write at least one letter per a week, but that's not enough, not at all. When Easter comes, then I'll reply to all letters! My last final exam will be Russian, and it'll be on the Easter week.

This week I didn't receive any letters, but I got two Christmas cards. It's weird how long it took for them to reach me, but I'm glad they didn't get lost. :)

This is from Guam.
This is from Argentina.

This week I was able to send out some letters, too. 
They are travelling to: 
- Naomi, Malaysia
- Laura, USA
- Ida, Norway
- Nastya, Ukraine (rewritten)
- Silvina, Argentina

Once again, I'm wishing you a great weekend! :) 
I'll go to meet my grandmother in Hamina, so I know my weekend will be nice. 

- Tiia

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