Saturday, 9 February 2013

6th week '13 ~ sorry for the boring headlines

Heyyyy! :)

This week my final exams started or I guess I should say matriculation examinations.. haha. Anyway, yesterday I had Finnish and I'm pretty sure I passed. :) Last week I was able to send only one letter, which went to: Emma from Australia. It's because I was preparing for the exam. I also visited my grandmother in Hamina, so I didn't have time for letters. Too bad! :(

This week was such a great mail week, I received so many lovely letters from:
- Yessica, Mauritius
- Sabatina, Indonesia
- Dora, Hungary
- Hristiyana, Bulgaria
- Florencia, Uruguay

Then I received three cards (well, two of them came with a letter) and a little gift. :))

Today I went skiing with mom. We ended up skiing 17 km, though our goal was to ski 20 km, but then it started snowing! ;) I hope you are enjoying this weekend as much as I am. :) 

- Tiia

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