Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Christmas Check-up

This is from a random store that actually was selling
Christmas-y lights. They just aren't really my type. :(

Last week I made my 2nd trip to Ikea and the stores around it. I didn't have that much time to explore all the stores, so I actually went only to Ikea and Jumbo. My aim was to look for Christmas lights, or anything else related to Christmas. haha.

Ikea was disappointing because they didn't have anything Christmas-y! They had just started to built the Christmas section, which seemed to be rather small, to my eyes anyways. I guess, I will need to go there for a third time, probably in November. From my point of view, two months before Christmas Eve, stores should have their Christmas sections ready already! I mean - only less than two months till Christmas!

However, I really liked Jumbo. They had expanded their Christmas section from my last visit. I found some lovely things there; some for myself and some as Christmas presents for others. Not to ruin the surprise, I won't show pictures of anything that will be a present. Enjoy the Christmas feeling!

The pillow cases are going to our living room!

Ending the post with a nice Christmas song called 'Tulkoon joulu'.

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