Sunday, 12 October 2014

My Journey to IKEA

One day after waking up I wondered how in the earth would I get this day go by. That time the day seemed to be so long, with nothing to do. I didn't want to just stay inside, I mean who goes for an exchange to stay inside of four walls every day? I started browsing the internet, and got an idea of going to IKEA and checking out the near by shopping center also. I decided to travel there by luck, so I went to stand on the bus stop and took a bus that said IKEA. It was surprisingly easy to go there even though I spent the whole way wondering how long it takes to go there. In the end it took almost 50 mins. During that time I was already worried if I had missed the bus stop, not knowing IKEA was actually the last bus stop. 

After arriving there I decided to head to the Mediterranean Cosmos shopping center. I wasn't completely sure of its location, so I ended up visiting JUMBO store first. It's a place that my tutor recommended me to visit, so I thought why not. The store is a place that any kid would love - it's full of toys. Well, you can find some other things there as well. Personally I was happy to see all the Christmas stuff. I'm a real Xmas person, so I don't mind how early stores start selling Christmas stuff and playing the lovely Christmas songs. Seeing all Xmas related things made me smile, I was happy, even bought cute Christmas-y cupcake cases. I definitely need to go visit this store again when Christmas is closer!

After JUMBO I finally found my way to the shopping center. I didn't consider it any special and found nothing to buy. I mean, most of the stores can be found in the center of Thessaloniki, so why would I go somewhere else to check out the same stores. Yes, it's clear that I'm not fond of shopping. On the way there I saw this abandoned-looking amusement park. I have no clue when it has last been used, but it seemed quite creepy to me. haha. 

Then it was finally IKEA -time. I actually don't know why I wanted to go there, it might have something to do with the fact that I sort of like decorating rooms, or then just because I miss Finland and IKEA is somehow related to it. haha. Anyway, I'm glad I went there. I took my time when walking through the whole place slowly. It was nice to look at all the furniture and think which would look nice in my room, or at our summer cottage. Of course, I also went to eat the famous meatballs. 

After I had nothing left to see, I went outside and noticed the temperature, it was +29!! I decided to walk a bit more before going back ''home''. It was a good idea because I found this sort of a beach kind of a place. In the end the day was nice, but I got a bit sick due to the open windows in the bus and the ride taking so long, still glad I went to IKEA!


  1. How lovely - familiar meatballs also over there :)

    1. Indeed! However, the taste was quite different! :D