Monday, 20 October 2014

Time for Sleeping

The headline is a bit misleading because I'm mainly thinking about the time when people should sleep. haha. Thessaloniki (also known as Thessalonica and Salonica) is a major student town in Greece.  Therefore, the city is full of nightlife possibilities. I haven't attended these events nor visited bars or nightclubs because they simply are not my cup of tea. Instead of that I have taken a few walks and seen the beauty of the city in night lighting - waiting for the Christmas lights to appear, tho!

Most of the evenings I have spent at ''home'' watching TV series and movies, browsing the internet or writing letters (yep, you can expect to receive letters from me). During the past few evenings (and days) my interest has been in blogs related to Christmas. I have got so many new ideas, which I plan on executing when I go home for Christmas. Nothing is better than spending Christmas at home with the people you care about, especially if Christmas happens to be your favourite celebration of all. 

What comes to the time when I actually want to sleep, it's so difficult to fall a sleep. Thessaloniki is such a noisy place compared to my hometown, Hämeenlinna. It's not surprising really, because the places are so different by size and also I live almost in the heart of the city here. During the three weeks of living here I have sort of gotten used to the noise, as it doesn't disturb me while sleeping. The difficult part is to fall a sleep, but it's very easy to wake up. Near my ''home'' they are doing some road-construction work every day. And yes, also during the weekends! 
Well, at least there's no chance of over-sleeping. heh.