Monday, 6 October 2014

Shopping in Thessaloniki

The center of Thessaloniki is full of stores, small and big. I'm sure there's something for everyone; toys for children, CDs for music-lovers, clothes for fashionable people and the list goes on and on. If you wanted to visit every single store you'd need more than a day to do so. 

I'm not a person who loves shopping. I mean I do go shopping but I don't particularly enjoy it. Most of the time it's nice to be shopping with friends when you don't actually need to find shoes, for example. Whenever I go shopping just to find some specific item, I get frustrated because usually I end up buying something different. I have learned shopping to be a more pleasant experience when you aren't looking for something specific! Someone might say that girls love to shop, but I surely don't fit to that category. 

However, when I go abroad, I do want to spend some time shopping. It tends to be more exciting to do in a foreign country because you usually find stores that don't exist in your own country and there for clothes that are different in a way. I usually skip the stores that can be found in Finland - what's the point in visiting them abroad when you can do it back home? 

Here in Thessaloniki I have spent a few hours for shopping. I'm quite glad I did because I actually found something to buy. I decided to make something new, so I took pictures of the items that I bought. And yes, I'm sorry for the pics! I'm not a model and will never be. haha. Feel free to laugh at me, I'm surely laughing at myself. 

All the clothes in the pictures are new. The grey t-shirt was a must, the text ''Sometimes I wish my eyes could take photos'' suits me so well. What comes to the dress, I consider it suitable for Christmas. Yep, as a person, who loves Christmas, I started thinking about it already a few weeks back. haha. And as a mail-lover I also found some envelopes and postcards. 


  1. "what's the point in visiting them abroad when you can do it back home? " hihi eri valikoima ;) mutta täytyy myöntää etten itsekään oo käyny ulkomailla esim hm:ssä vaikka näi jälkeepäi ois pitäny iha uteliaisuudesta ! ja vooi miten kivoja vaatteita, rakastan sitä miten uskallat ja haluut olla oma ittes, tällee netissäki. et häpeile tai esitä mtn! ihana tiia :)

    1. Onhan tuo eri valikoima tosiaan totta, mutten itse nosta sitä kovin korkealle "shoppailu-prioriteetti" listalla. ;) ja kiitos ihana ystäväni!

    2. Well Tiia, how surprising to find out that you've bought t-shirts;) Yet, the t-shirt with the text of taking photos is really YOU :)

    3. haha, at least I haven't bought any tops! ;)