Sunday, 9 November 2014

A Bit of Christmas Shopping

Like I have mentioned a few times I'm a Christmas person. It's my favourite time of the year, and it's something that I'm always looking forward to! This year I have been on a Christmas mood much earlier than before, well I started thinking of Christmas maybe two weeks earlier than last year. Because of being in Greece I have had much more time to think of it, so this year's Christmas Eve should be well-planned before hand. This, however, doesn't mean everything would go as planned!

This week I decided to go to IKEA, to see if Christmas had arrived there finally. When stepping out from the bus I decided to head towards a grocery store first. I went there to see if it had a different selection than other grocery stores have. It sure was different and bigger - now I know, where to go buy eatable souvenirs to bring home. haha. Next step was Jumbo, which I had visited twice before. I was sure there wouldn't be anything new, but luckily I was wrong. From there I bought Christmas stickers, three cute decorations for a Christmas tree (definitely need to go find a Xmas tree from granny's forest in December!!) and Christmas lights. I was so over-joyed when I saw such nice, simple and cheap Christmas lights. I just had to buy them and so I did!

What comes to IKEA, it was nice to walk through the store again and check out all the 'rooms'. It was nice to notice the rooms had started to look a bit Christmas-y. The actual Christmas section was a bit disappointing. It was small and there wasn't anything interesting enough to buy. Well, maybe the fact that I can go to IKEA in Finland and buy the stuff from there had something to do with me not finding anything, and also the fact that I already had Christmas lights. However, I bought this Swedish Festive Drink, just to try it out. I'm not sure if I like it or not, which is kinda disturbing!

 The countdown to Christmas shall continue with Christmas lights!


  1. Such a Christmas person you're :) Yet, knowing you ... also summer suits you.

    1. Yeah, tho Christmas is still "the thing" ;)