Monday, 17 November 2014

Two Random Journeys

Here in Thessaloniki I have made two rather random trips to close-by places. The idea has been to go on a walk and to see, where I end up. Such journeys are sometimes rather fun, I think! However, it's a good idea to carry a map with you, in order not to get lost in a place, where you haven't been before.

On my first walk I ended up visiting a Chocolate Factory Museum. It was clearly built mainly for children, but who cares. haha. It was still interesting to read about the history of cocoa, and also the journey of a bean to the chocolate that we eat.

There were many secondary school classes on school trips, which was rather funny. At one point you were able to watch a short film about the journey of a bean to 'real' chocolate. It was meant for children and it was in Greek, so I didn't understand much. It was still funny to hear the children being so fascinated by melted chocolate. heh. 

Of course, they sold chocolate and other candies at a place like this. I bought a bit of super expensive chocolate, which were delicious, btw. 

The second trip was to Ano Poli, which is a place in the upper town of Thessaloniki. It's an amazing place for sight-seeing. When going there, be prepared to climb quite much. hah. At this point I believe pictures tell more than any words, so...


Ano Poli is a place that everyone, who visits Thessaloniki, should see!! 

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