Thursday, 13 November 2014

On a Positive Side

The previous post was a bit negative towards the whole exchange semester in Greece, so now I want to list down some positive aspects of it. Like every topic, an exchange semester abroad has pros and cons, and now it's time to bring out the best sides of Erasmus.

Experience & Greece:

Through Erasmus you get to know many foreign people and use English. Due to this your social networks grow and your English skills become better.

Of course, you become more independent through this experience, as you need to do all household work including cooking, laundry, washing dishes etc. For people, who haven't thought much of money before, living abroad might teach something about economy and how to spend money.

Living in a foreign country always teaches something about the culture and ways of living. You learn a lot about cultures, and perhaps to respect them more. Personally, I have always been interested in learning about different cultures, which is why snail mailing is my hobby.

I'm sure studying at a different university is also an experience. At least I have noticed so many differences between my university in Finland and the one in Greece. The biggest difference is how organized different things are, which can be said about almost everything.

You get to do lots of sight-seeing at your new hometown and places around it. Personally, I have visited some museums in Thessaloniki. Last Sunday I was also on a trip to the district of Serres and on Monday I visited Meteora. Later this month I'm going to Athens and some weeks back I was in Istanbul, Turkey. I believe traveling is one of the best parts of an exchange semester.

The future opportunities:

I have strong believe in companies valuing people, who have challenged themselves and done an exchange abroad when searching for new employees.

Also the fact that you have lived abroad and your language skills are good enough might help you to find a work abroad later in life. This experience shows that you are qualified in dealing in an cross-cultural environment.

In the end I can say this experience teaches you knew things, to appreciate your roots and helps you in creating your future life! Based on this I can recommend exchange semester or two for everyone. It's not always easy, but it's surely worth it!