Sunday, 23 November 2014

The Friendliness of the Greek

I wanted to write about the friendliness of the Greek even though I don't have much to say about this topic. I have met people who are very lovely and willing to help, but also those who run away quickly when I ask for help. hah. 

The most of the Greek I have talked with have been very friendly and helpful. They try to answer to my questions even if their English wouldn't be good. I really appreciate this, even a smile is nice to see. Some people even come to ask if I need any help, which is great. :)

I have also met those, who seem like they don't want to help. If I ask something they look at me and quickly go away. This may be because they are too busy or they don't know any English or then they simply don't want to help. Either way this is rather annoying, I mean they could smile and find someone who could help or try to express that they don't understand with body language. This hasn't bothered me much, but at uni I try to ask something from teachers and they just stare at me like I would be crazy and just walk by me like I would be air or something. :/

I do have one nice story to tell. One day I went to the post office to buy stamps. This time I bought 8 stamps, and the cashier kept on checking if I really wanted to buy 8 stamps. hah. She sounded like she couldn't believe I wanted to get so many stamps at once. In the end she gave me 4 free postcards printed by the post office. That was a lovely surprise! :) 

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