Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The District of Serres

On Sunday (Nov. 9th) it was time for a trip to the district of Serres, which was organized by the universities. In the first place, the trip was supposed to be a day earlier, and that's sort of why I decided to join it, as Sunday was a Father's Day in Finland. Anyway, it was good they changed the day, as the weather wasn't very good on Saturday, tho it wasn't perfect on Sunday either. Anyway, the trip started at 8 am. 

The first stop was at the Kerkini Lake, which is famous for its birds. I did see some birds there, but I don't think there were so many of them. haha. However, the lake was very beautiful, and I'm sure it would be even better to see during summer or at least when the sun would be shining. 

To me this stop seemed a bit unorganized, as some went canoeing along with the teacher, and others left behind, to walk on their own. It wasn't boring as the lake was beautiful, however, I dislike waiting for others when they are late. There should be a clear schedule, which to follow. 

The next stop was at Petristi village, where some kind of a folk festival was going on. Personally, I thought the event was rather small and the music wasn't my type. I mean, it was interesting to hear Greek music for a while, but it was way too loud, which is why I walked further away from the place. Once again, the bus left towards the next destination late, which annoyed me. I'm almost always on time (nobody is perfect), so it's very annoying to wait for others.

The last stop was at Roupel, which was like a military place. This part I actually liked because we were so high from where the view was beautiful as the sun was about to set. There we also visited an underground bunker, which is currently a Second World War museum. It was more interesting than I originally thought, as it was something new to me. 

From this place we headed back to Thessaloniki. The trip was nice for sure, but it would have been nice to know the timing of the trip earlier, I mean how long we spent at specific places and when we are back in Thessaloniki. I don't know if this bothers others, but it does annoy me. haha. 

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