Friday, 7 November 2014

Erasmus Traveling - Istanbul part 5

Ohh. :( The last day in Istanbul started with me going to Taksim square alone. My aim was to do some shopping on the last day, as I knew how much liras I had left. It was a good decision as the weather was very cold and gloomy, so it was nice to stay inside. I especially liked this candy store, tho I bought only Turkish coffee from there. I'm planning on bringing the coffee home, and letting my family try it out. I'm quite sure I know how to prepare it as well. 

My pen pal was going to message me after she was finished with her lessons for the day. I never received a message from her, which was weird as she did send one and on the same day I received a message from another person, so obviously my phone was working. It was like a miracle that she bombed into me on the street. haha. I'm glad she found me! We decided to head to an Irish bar - never been to an Irish one before, so why not. It was nice to be inside for a while as the weather outside wasn't very nice. 

The next idea was to go to the Galata Tower, but it seemed to be very pricey. Besides the weather was so gloomy that we wouldn't have been able to see much from there anyways. It's kinda funny I have been to Istanbul twice now, and still haven't been to the tower. haha.

Galata tower
A few postcards that I bought :)

Then it was time to do the last minute packing - I dislike packing so much! Already at 8 pm I felt so tired, so it was time to drink some more coffee. haha. At 10 pm it was time to leave Istanbul behind and sit another 10 hours in the bus. I had some snacks on the way, which can be seen on the picture above. It was sad to leave Istanbul, as I don't know if I can go there again, and if I can, when it would happen. It was also sad to leave my 'new' friends behind, as meeting them again might take a long time. Hopefully the next meeting happens sooner than we think! 

Now it's time to show some things that I bought. On the picture you can see my new black jeans and a cardigan (I actually bought another one as well, which is black). There are also some magnets, soap and socks, which I'm going to bring home. The other things are eatable, some of which I will eat at 'home' in Greece and others I'll take back to Finland as souvenirs. It's always interesting to try out things from a local grocery store. haha. 

THANK YOU very much for hosting me and for the gifts! I wouldn't have been able to travel there on my own, explore the city and try local things without you. I wish you have a chance to visit Finland one day, so I can return the favour! :) THANK YOU!!

Gifts from the lovely Turkish friends! :)
I absolutely love the bracelet! <3

To end this series of traveling in Turkey, I hope this wasn't my last trip to Turkey - I'd like to see more of it, maybe different cities next time. :)

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