Saturday, 29 November 2014

A Visitor from Finland - part 2

The second day started with me not having almost any voice, which was rather funny! The more I talked, the better my voice became, tho. The day was mostly spend walking around the city and visiting stores, as well as a cafe. 

We both agreed how funny it's that the rules of EU are followed so differently in different countries, mainly concentrating on Finland and Greece. Let's start with smoking, in EU it is forbidden to smoke inside. In Finland people, who try to smoke at a cafe or restaurant are most likely thrown out if they don't stop smoking. And in Greece people smoke happily inside next to a sigh that says smoking inside is forbidden, even the waiters smoke inside. The next thing is about selling meat, in Greece it is sold on streets and in Finland you need to have all special fridges etc. for selling it. There are even some restaurants needing to quit the business because they don't have enough capital to buy new equipment for storing meat, while in Greece they don't even consider using such equipment. I believe it's somewhat unfair!

And then back to the topic. After we finished shopping, not that I would have bought anything, we visited two more churches. One of them is called Aghias Sofias but ,unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of it. I took many pictures of the other church, which name is unknown to me. However, it's funny how newer buildings have been built right next to the church - the walls are actually shared by those buildings. 

The day ended with eating dinner at a nice restaurant, recommended by the hotel. A funny thing is the restaurant didn't have an English menu, and the waiter asked another customer to tell about the menu in English. haha. We ate a Greek salad (which I forgot to photograph), a stake and ice cream as a dessert. We considered it as a late 'Father's Day' dinner, as I wasn't in Finland celebrating Father's Day on the second Sunday in November. 

That concludes my dad's trip to Thessaloniki. It was great to have him here and show my 'second hometown' to him. It was something I shared only with him, so I shall remember these days as father-daughter moments. :)

Ending with a view from my balcony!


  1. Me kans huomattiin kreikassa reissutessa että sielläpäin on paljon huolettomampaa, ja tavallaan hyväki niin. Mutta toisaalta se on aika pelottavaaki et siel koko perhe ajaelee koiraa myöten yhellä pikku mopolla ja ilman kypäriä tietysti eikä poliisit sano mitään! Suomessa otetaan kaikki määräykset nii pilkun päälle tarkasti. Enkä siis tarkota et kaikkien pitäis olla ilman kypärää täällä, viittasin eri määräyksiin. Mutta siis niin hassua miten on niin erilaista ja miten se kulttuuriki vaikuttaa :D Tuo tupakointi asiaki on aika jännä, suomessa tietty halutaan myös rakentaa koko valtio savuttomaks.

    1. Nimenomaan! Erot on kovin suuria, vaikka molemmat maat ovat EU:ssa. Mutta ehkä suunta on tästä vain eteenpäin. :)