Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Erasmus Traveling - Istanbul part 4

Dolmabahçe palace
The second last day in Istanbul started with a trip to the Dolmabahçe palace, which is famous among tourists and also worth visiting to the locals. It was a Sunday, so obviously it was packed with other people, so we had to wait in queues for a while. I gotta mention one a bit annoying thing, which is that the tickets are way more expensive for foreigners than they are for Turkish people, which is good for the Turks, of course.  

Inside of the place is full of beautiful rooms with decorations everywhere, To me this was the most beautiful palace, which I have visited in Istanbul. It looks beautiful inside and out. As it was forbidden to take pictures inside, I don't have any, though I saw many people taking pictures and then the guards yelled ''no foto''. haha. 

Next it was time to take a ferry to the other side, to the Asian side of Istanbul. I had been there only once before, approximately for an hour. This time we spent a bit longer there, which was nice, tho there weather wasn't perfect by no means. First we ended up eating at Mc. Donald's as we were hungry and it was close by. I can always be surprised how cheap it is in other countries, when comparing the prices to Finland. haha. 

We were planning on going to the Maiden's Tower, but the trip there was ridiculously expensive, especially because it's an island with one building. However, I'm sure the view would be nice from there, especially on a sunny summer day. The place seemed to be on married couple's favour, so if you are on your honey-moon, maybe it would be a good place to visit. 

The rest of the day was spent mainly on shopping, or rather visiting stores without buying anything. haha. Well, I did buy this cute owl mug. I don't know why I keep on buying mugs from the countries, which I visit, but then I don't use the mugs at home. That's why I decided to actually use this mug, when I get back to Finland. :)

The next post will be the last part of my journey in Istanbul, however, the memories will always stay in my mind. :)

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